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Social Media Management

We manage it all for you. This includes getting you results on the top 3 social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social Media Management includes:

-Content creation and marketing

-Monitoring conversations  and activity on pages

-Answering customer inquiries

-Interacting online with customers



-Gaining numbers the honest way

-Strategy meetings with business owners

Social Media Workshops

Need some help with your current Social Media campaign? Our training session goes through the basics and fundamentals of Social Media on the top 3 platforms. Social Media is much more than just being on Twitter and Facebook, you have to use them properly to obtain results.

Workshops include:

-Teaching you the skills you need to utilize each platform properly to get your brand out there to customers

-The basics and fundamentals of the top 3 social media channels

-Post ideas

-Setting up your social media platforms properly or auditing your existing ones

-Each session is 2 hours

Business Consulting

I owned a successful business called Kula Klips for over 8 years until I sold it to start my second business, Chatty Girl Media. I have years of experience in operating a small business in Canada and all it takes to be successful. I can help you with all aspects of owning your own business and I can customize a package that works with your small business needs.

Business Consulting includes:

-content calendar creation

-how to properly market your business

-help you build a website

-how to get products in the hands of your customers

-promotions to bring customers to your business

-what you will need to do behind the scenes to successfully run your business

-point you in the right direction for services you will need such as accountants, lawyers, insurance

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