Chatty Girl Media

How it Started

After a successfully marketing Kula Klips for 8 years, Ashley was approached by several people seeking help with their social media marketing. Ashley saw the need in the industry so she sold her first business Kula Klips to launch a new marketing agency called Chatty Girl Media. Ashley and her team have worked hundreds of businesses and people with their marketing needs. From realtors to retail, hotels to shopping malls, Chatty Girl Media can help you elevate your marketing to the next level and help you stand out from a crowd online.


Ashley and her team at Chatty Girl Media bring a fresh perspective to any business or organization they work with. From branding to content creation, blogging and photography, we are your one stop for all things marketing related! Ashley herself has been an entrepreneur for 16 years and understands the importance of social media when it comes to growing a brand. Ashley successfully became one of the top selling kids accessory brands in Canada with her company Kula Klips. Social media and marketing were a huge part of that success story!

The Team

Each client has individual needs, we tailor our approach to what works best for each industry and social media channel. From social media management to graphic design, photography to influencer marketing, Chatty Girl Media can help you and your business shine online.

We are here to help you stand out from a crowd