Noodlebox is a southeast asian noodle bar located in Sherwood Park Alberta. Our family was invited to try out the food by local owner/operator Zach Aslin! We tried a variety of dishes on the menu and found them to be well priced and full of flavour. My 10 year old commented on how awesome the customer service was! The restaurant was filled and owner Zach went around and chatted with each one addressing them by their first names. My 10 year old took notice of this and asked “how does he know everybody’s name mom?” I let him know they would likely be regular customers who he’s gotten to know over time.


We tried a variety of dishes during our visit including:

The Kids Box – Sweet soy sauce glaze wok fired with chow mein noodles and asian greens with the option to add protein for an up charge The portion was large and the kids enjoyed using the chopsticks to eat. When my 7 year old couldn’t quite get how to hold them Zach stepped right in to make her a kids version that was easy to hold by attaching an elastic band at the top of the chopsticks.

Spicy Peanut Noodle Box – rich and creamy peanut sauce with coconut milk, simmered with ribbon noodles, garlic, onions, Asian greens, sprouts, peppers and cilantro. Topped with roasted peanuts. This was my favourite dish we tried! I loved the peanut flavour and it was well dressed with sauce. We chose a mild/medium spice level for this and added chicken for our protein.

Ginger Beef Box – Crispy fried beef in a sweet dark ginger sauce with garlic, ginger, onion, Asian slaw & sprouts with a side of jasmine rice. This dish offered great flavour and a nice mix of vegetables.

Cambodian Jungle Curry Box – A yellow curry & coconut broth, simmered with rice noodles, Asian greens, sprouts, onions, peppers and topped with mango. We added some prawns and heat to this dish by requesting it hot as a spice level. It was delish!

Noodlebox offers a great variety of dishes with lots of protein options including chicken, beef, pulled pork, tofu, prawns or a combo of two of the above. You can choose your heat meaning spice level you like from mild to scorching hot. They offer dishes that can be made vegan and gluten free as well! A great option for families with the Kids Box available or order a variety of dishes for family style dining!

We were invited to try a variety of menu items at Noodlebox. Review based on my own opinions based on our personal dining experience . A big thank you to Zach for his exceptional customer service.