Stay Home and Read A Book

There’s no better time then the present to read a book. With a global Pandemic happening, and strict orders to stay home and social distance yourself, you’re going to need something to do with all that extra time on your hands. Thankfully books can be ordered online and delivered right to your door while the stores are closed!

I find reading to be a great distraction, it also helps me relax and focus on something other than the current situation happening around us. I love books that I can learn a thing or two from and apply it to my personal life or business! Spend some time while you are home learning something new from a book. Here are a few i’ve recently finished….

Super Attractor

Gabrielle Bernstein is one of my favourite authors out there. I enjoy her writing style and learning from her. Super Attractor is her latest title, and it was my favourite book on this blog post. I’m a firm believer in manifestation. Gabrielle shares her personal methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want. You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most important, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you’ll give off a presence of joy that can elevate everyone around you. After reading this book, you will know how to fulfill your function: to be a force of love in the world.”

Give and Take - Adam Grant

Give and Take by Adam Grant shares how helping others drives our own success. I am a big supporter of helping others in business and in life. By helping others, it has helped me with my success both personally and professionally. The key is that it needs to be natural, not forced. What I mean by that is you help because you want to, not because you think it will benefit you in business. A term I share often is pro social spending. By spending your time giving back and helping others, your name will be more recognizable than from spending money on marketing.

” For generations, we have focused on the individual drivers of success: passion, hard work, talent, and luck. But in today’s dramatically reconfigured world, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. ”

Getting to Yes - William Ury

Getting to Yes with Yourself by William Ury was a quick read but a good one. Ury helps you to understand that the biggest obstacle in life is our own selves, because we react in ways that don’t serve our true interests. If you learn to influence yourself first, then you can start to lay the groundwork in how to influence others. We live in a society where people are constantly blaming others for everything. This book will help you understand why YOU might be the obstacle holding yourself back.

” Practical and effective, Getting to Yes with Yourself helps readers reach good agreements with others, develop healthy relationships, make their businesses more productive, and live far more satisfying lives. ”

When You Find Out the World is Against You - Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, and has gone on to be a successful writer in Los Angeles California. Her quirky sense of humour shines through as she shares stories of her childhood and current life with her family. Her memories are funny and include many awful moments in her own personal life, like that time she was left at daycare during the big tornado in Edmonton.  When you Find out the World is Against You will have you laughing and cringing all at once. Its relatable because she’s from Edmonton too!

Handbook For Cool Moms

I was recently gifted The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms by the publisher. While I enjoyed the tone and sense of humour, I found this book was better suited towards someone who has recently had a baby or is pregnant. My kids (age 8 + 12) are long past this stage of life so I was skipping chapters geared towards the early days of motherhood. This book would make a great baby gift or birthday gift for a new mama who has a good sense of humour and doesn’t mind a few swear words.

The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms is a girlfriend’s guide to early motherhood. It’s the Coles Notes for all those boring baby books you never get through. It’s the instruction manual you wish your kid(s) came with-complete with cocktail list. ”

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