Monopoly in Edmonton

There are plenty of things to see and do in Edmonton, but our family never seems to have time to Explore Edmonton! Logan and Quinn usually keep us busy on the weekends with hockey and dance. Due to the current pandemic we’ve had all sorts of free time on our hands. We decided to head out and explore our city. We found some great places to take pictures in Edmonton!

Monopoly Edmonton

Crestwood is a great family friendly community just outside downtown Edmonton. Some of the residents got together and painted a life sized Monopoly on the sidewalk! You can find it at 144st and 96 ave in Edmonton Alberta.

Monopoly in Edmonton
Whyte Ave

Whyte Ave has transformed so much over the years with new murals and businesses popping up along this popular street! Amos Kajner-Nonnekes is the artist behind this fun Rainbow Road which is the newest art instalment in the area. You will find it in the alley beside Malt & Motar between 104th and 105th street. Enter from Whyte Ave or the back lane, each direction takes on a new photo with all the different colours!

Amos Kajner-Nonnekes Art
Walterdale Bridge Edmonton

The Walterdale Bridge is the gateway to downtown Edmonton from the south side of the city. The original bridge was constructed back in 1913. It was later replaced with the newer version in 2017. The Walterdale Bridge has become a popular spot to take photos. Head to the Kinsmen Sports Centre at the bottom of the Walterdale Hill for parking and access. From there you will find stairs down to the river valley as well as paths on either side of the bridge for capturing your photos.

Walterdale Bridge
Explore Edmonton

The High Level Street Car Jasper Plaza Terminal is located at 10910 100th ave in downtown Edmonton. If you walk towards downtown on the path beside the tracks you will find this hidden gem! Each side of the street car tunnel offers a unique set of graffiti art to choose from. Depending where you stand you can capture a few different photos with all the artwork available. There is plenty of parking in the area if you are driving as well. We parked by central social hall and walked over with the kids!

The Neon Museum is an outdoor installation of vintage neon signs in downtown Edmonton. The collection boasts over 20 original signs that are part of Edmonton’s history from stores, theatres and railroads. Snap photos during the day or under the glowing lights at night. Find it on 104th street right by Rogers Place.

Neon Museum Edmonton
Rogers Place

The Ice District is in downtown Edmonton is home to Rogers Place, hotels like the JW Marriott, popular restaurants and more. With so many things closed right now due to the pandemic, it’s a great time to head downtown and capture some photos in the area while the streets are quiet. SCTV was a staple in Edmonton where it was filmed many years ago. Bob and Doug McKenzie recently showed up in downtown Edmonton to commemorate the show. You can find the statue at 103 ave and 103 street or a short walk from the JW Marriott.

The area is usually bustling with people, it was definitely a strange feeling to see it so empty. We look forward to a time when we can support the businesses downtown again.

JW Marriott Ice District
Strange Brew in Edmonton
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