We aren’t your typical Vegas travellers….we love the city but tend to spend more time off the strip then on it! My hubby and I aren’t big drinkers, we don’t party all night in the clubs, in fact we tend to do the opposite! We are always early risers and up for an adventure so this trip we rented a car to head out and find some great places to take photos in Las Vegas!

Since we came to Vegas to celebrate my 40th birthday I wanted to capture some photos to remember the occasion. The typical photo you’ll see is people on the strip so my hubby and I set out to find some fun locations to capture our vacation memories!
You will need a car for all but one of these locations, but honestly its cheaper to rent a car then take cabs anyways so we always do!

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is AMAZING for capturing Las Vegas in photos and its also really cool to see all the vintage neon signs! If you plan on visiting its best to read the rules before you venture out, they have quite a few rules including NO CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED within the museum. You CAN take photos with your cell phone camera.
We went right at 9 am when it opened to avoid the crowds and have less people in the photos we wanted to capture. It was a great time to go as there were about 10 people within the facility at that time. They provide you with a map and details about where the lights come from which is pretty cool too! The must capture spot for us was the Stardust sign, it is the best photo opp within the museum.
Find it at – 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

This iconic Las Vegas landmark has been around since 1959 and has been a hot spot for visitors looking to capture vacation memories. At all times of the day you can expect a long lineup to capture the Welcome To Las Vegas sign, so be prepared to wait! Pro tip: We tucked over to the right side of the sign and captured it at a side angle which meant no line up for us! We were still able to capture the whole sign and it didn’t interfere with the people who were taking photos of it head on. We also probably saved ourselves an hour in the heat because the line up was so long when we went.
Find it at – 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South

7 Magic Mountains

Renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains is a short drive from the Las Vegas strip and literally in the middle of no where. We headed out bright and early to avoid the crowds but still encountered a few people capturing instagram photos on our visit. The bright and colourful rocks make a great background for photos especially because the surroundings are just a blank canvas.
Find it at – there isn’t a physical address for this location but if you put it into google maps it will give you directions to find it.

Pipe Dream

I love the pop of colour and unique backdrop this location provides for photos! We visited Pipe Dream at the Smith Center bright and early to avoid the crowds (8:30 am) and were able to capture the photos before a yoga class was starting at the location. Artist Tim Bavington created this piece at the east end of Symphony Park which serves as a frame to the stage at the multipurpose outdoor space.
Find it at – 361 Symphony Park ave

High Roller

The Linq hotel is home to the High Roller ferris wheel which is popular amongst tourists visiting the city. It also makes a great backdrop for photos! The area is always packed with people making it impossible to capture without a crowd in the background but not to worry the picture still turns out great! If you stand somewhere around the TIlted Kilt you can capture the whole High Roller in the photo. We visited the area around 6 pm before the sun was setting.
Find it at – 3545 S Las Vegas Boulevard