I first fell in love with Instagrammable walls in 2015 when I took a trip to LA. My friend Colin and I were there on vacation and spotted the Paul Smith store from a mile away! It was bright pink and adorable, so we stopped to snap some photos! LA was ahead of the times when it came to snapping these types of photos to post on social media, they had fun walls like these scattered all over the city! When I came home from that trip I started to notice the walls in Edmonton popping up, it was exciting to see them at home as well!

Over the years I’ve snapped my share of photos in our fine city, I always get excited when I spot a new wall that has popped up in town! We have many artists making their mark in Edmonton supported by things like VignettesRust Magic . Through various events and art commissioned, our city has become more colourful year after year! You can now find many photos on social media taken in front of these walls, and many of the artists leave their signature and even hashtag to encourage posting on Instagram and other social media channels!

So many of you have asked me where to find these walls for your own photos so I decided to write a blog post to share my favourite photos and locations where I took them! These pictures have been collected over the last 3 years of my family and I throughout the city. I just love how they make the background pop!


There are so many walls in Edmonton now I haven’t even had the opportunity to visit them all! I look forward to snapping more pics with all the walls that keep popping up. Here are a few of my favourite downtown locations to snap pics;

  1. Edmonton Wall – (artist OG Slick) One of the newer editions to downtown Edmonton painted in Oilers colours! Find it at 1331 106th street.
  2. No Dull Days – (artist Real Fresh Canvas) This is one of my favourite spots for photos! There are 3 amazing walls at this location, find it at 10004-103a ave.
  3. City Colours wall – (artist Kris Kanaly) This wall takes on different looks depending how you snap the photo. See the difference between the car and Logan with the skateboard! Find it at 10004 – 103a ave
  4. Nature Wall – (artist Giselle Denis) This is the 3rd wall on this same building. This one is often shaded so great for lighting! Find it at 10004 -103a ave
  5. Bird Wall – Located in the Beaver Hill House Park at 10440 Jasper Ave. You can also access from 104th street by the Tiffin Fresh Kitchen. I love the grey and black neutral palette of this one.
  6. Rainbow Wall – (artist Real Fresh Canvas) This wall can be found inside the Central LRT station located at 100 and Jasper ave. This one is tricky to photograph as its up higher, we hoisted the kids up to capture them in front of it!
  7. Eyeball Wall – This one is a little harder to photograph, we had to have someone pop onto the blvd to snap this one for us! Find it at 103A ave + 97 st
  8. Black Wall –  A black wall makes a great backdrop for any photo to make your outfit stand out. Located at Metro Billiards at 10250 106th st NW.
  9. Graffiti Wall – The High Level street car tunnel is located by the Jasper Ave Terminal. Find it at 10910 100 ave
  10. Polka Dot Wall – This bright and colourful park space has two different polka dot wall options to choose from! Find it at Michael Phair Park off 104th st.
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Michael Phair Park

124th Street

The 124th ave district has plenty of walls to check out. It’s also a trendy area for shopping, restaurants and a farmers market on Thursday’s during the warmer months! I love the transformation this neighbourhood has taken on over the last few years, it’s like a completely different street with all the new businesses popping up!

  1. Flower Wall – Alixander Jade has brightened up the side of Manchester Square with this adorable flower wall. You could also snap some amazing photos of the buildings while there!
  2. Skyline Wall – This wall is located at 108 ave and 124th street. It offers a fun black and white back drop with a pop of colour!
  3. No Beginning No End – (artist Jill Stanton) This big mural is on the side of the Applecare Dental building located at 10803 -124th street. It can take on very different looks depending on where you capture the photo! We spotted this one from the farmers market this summer, it is so cool!
Manchester Square Edmonton

Alberta Ave

In all the years I have lived in Edmonton, the first time I made it to Alberta ave was a couple years ago when I wanted to find an Instagrammable wall! I need to spend more time exploring our city, there are so many cool neighbourhoods like this one. Here are some of my favourite walls in the area that is just outside of downtown.

  1. Northern Pacific Wall – Located at 91st ave and 118th street, this wall offers so many different back drops for photos because of its variety of colourful artwork!
  2. Grey + White Wall – This wall is pretty basic but I love the neutral colours when you want your outfit to stand out! Find it at 11815-85th st in the alley
  3. Purple Wall – This wall is on the side of the Battistas Calzone Company restaurant and is the perfect colour for fall! Find it at 11741-84th st
  4. Pink + Grey Wall – I love the colours of this wall, its great for any season or outfit! Find it in the alley at 8310-118th ave

Other Great Locations

Edmonton is filled with great photo backdrops aka walls, here are a few that we also love in various areas of the city!

  1. 80’s Retro Wall – A great throwback to the 80’s with its retro style! Find it at Stony Plain Road + 153rd st
  2. Yellow Wall – This pop of yellow is perfect for getting your photos to stand out! I recently snapped some birthday pics here and love how they turned out with the black! You’d never know it but this wall is a garage door at the Butterdome, find it at 87th ave + 115st
  3. White Wall – Sometimes you just  need a classic white background! A neutral palette is great for any photo, you can find this one at the Bay Kingsway Mall located at Princess Elizabeth ave + 109th st
  4. Rainbow Stripes – This striped wall offers two different options depending on what side of the building you go on! One side is more pink/purple the other more orange/green. Find it at Callingwood Park located at 17740- 69 ave.
  5. Graffiti Wall – We have taken photos at this wall several times over the years and every year it takes on a new identity/look! Currently one side is pink and aqua and the other is pictured below with great fall colours! Find it at Ramsay Park located at 15130-43rd ave
  6. Abstract Animal Wall – (artist Okuda San Miguel) This 6 story mural is the biggest in Edmonton! It sits inside a patio so you will have to snap a photo from across the street. Find it at 8230 Gateway Blvd across from the entrance to the Strathcona Farmers Market.
  7. Nature Wall – (artist Illustrious Interiors) The Creative Hive, a co-working space in West Edmonton is where you will find this fun wall. you can’t miss it when you drive down 111th ave!  Find it at 16819- 111th ave.
  8. Kingsway Mall – (artists Michelle Hoogveld + Rhys Douglas Farrell) Oplandia — a completely immersive, floor-to-ceiling mural that spans across an entire room.
  9. Kingsway Mall – this is the same room as above! I love that the room offers so many options for photos within one area. Find it on the main floor by Homesense.
  10. Midway – 6107 -104th street in south Edmonton is where you will find this pastel coloured wall for your photos.
  11. Revolution Square (Vignettes) – find it at 15103 Stony Plain Road.
Instagrammable Walls at Kingsway Mall
Kingsway Mall Photo Walls
Instagrammable Walls in Edmonton Alberta
Instagrammable Walls Edmonton
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