It’s that time of year again, K-Days has rolled into Edmonton until July 28th! Get ready for some serious fun in the capital city with lots to see and do with the kiddos. We love taking the kids every year, its a great outing for the whole family! This year was the first year we were able to bring my hubby with us as well which was perfect because he’s more of a dare devil when it comes to rides!

We always head down to the grounds when they first open to avoid the crowds and take in some of the rides while the lines aren’t long. The ride all day passes are perfect because you can pay one price and go on as many rides as you want. Our kiddos (ages 7 + 11) spent most of their time on the rides in the kids area which they were able to enjoy together while mom and dad watched. There are a lot of ride options in this area for smaller kids including a ferris wheel, slide, mini roller coasters and more. If your little one is really young you can also go on the rides with them.

On the other side of the grounds are the rides for older kids and adults. Denny and I love going on some of them with the kids so it’s a great opportunity for us to ride as a family! The ferris wheel and the crazy mouse are our top two every year! This year was the first year Quinn was brave enough to go on the bigger rides like the swings so it offered us more variety as well!

After the rides we headed out to find some snacks on the midway! From sweet to savoury, there are so many options on the grounds we had a hard time choosing! We decided to share a few items so we could sample more things!

Foot Long Hotdog – a must at the midway is a good old fashioned hot dog. The foot long hot dog was perfect to feed both kids and they loved how giant sized it was! They had a few different options like bacon wrapped but our kids like them as plain as possible, only ketchup for these two!

Bloomin Onion – This was our first year trying the blooming onion and it did not disappoint. The portion size is huge so it is perfect for sharing! We loved the dip that came with it too!

Mini Donuts – These are a MUST when visiting any midway! Our whole family loves this classic treat every year and K-Days offers several different options when it comes to mini donuts. We stuck with the classic this year and they offer a great deal with 2 bags for $10.


Deep Fried Peanut Butter Cups – At K-Days you can find just about everything deep fried, this year we decided to try the peanut butter cups! Our whole family LOVES them so it was a great choice for sharing and they did not disappoint!


When the rain showed up we decided to head indoors to explore, there was so much to see and do with the kids! We checked out the different halls and loved that each one offered something different. Our first stop was the instagrammable wall area which had several options to capture some pics. They also offered interactive areas which were great for boomerangs too!

Kids town was AMAZING this year! There were so many things to see and do for the kids from live shows to interactive games. Our kiddos had a blast playing with the life sized toys and exploring the area with the retro flashbacks too! It brought back all the nostalgia for my hubby and I to see the throwback toys from when we were kids. Life was much different growing up in the 80’s!

Thank you to K-Days for hosting our family this year. Views expressed are my own based on our personal experience at the midway.