We recently took the trip of a lifetime to experience all things Christmas in New York City as a family. It was an incredible vacation that we will remember forever! I am so happy we took the kids with us for the experience, they loved everything about the trip.

After following Jillian Harris for years on Instagram I saw her talking about a company called Flytographer that she used to capture her memories while on vacation. What a great idea, and something I had never thought about myself! You can save $25 off your session by booking here. You can also use this code at checkout CODE6948

We booked our first session on the Flytographer website which was really easy to do! First up you pick your destination (they have lots of locations to choose from) and from there it takes you to a list of photographers. I love this option as it allows you to look at the different styles of photos and choose the photographer you would prefer to work with! In NYC they currently have 15 to choose from!

We chose Johnny to work with, in his profile his favorite place to take photos was the Dumbo area of Brooklyn and that was the location I had in mind for our shoot. From there you have different options of packages to choose from. We went with the Subtle Chronicler package which included 60 minutes with the photographer, a couple different locations and 30 photos sent over as digital files. This was the perfect amount of time in my opinion to explore the area and capture our moments as a family.

Dumbo is a pretty incredible location in itself, I am so glad we chose this area for our photos! It is classic NYC style, with cobblestone streets, brick buildings, plus the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

We took the subway from midtown Manhattan to meet Johnny at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It was an easy trek from the city and the subway stop was only a couple blocks from where we needed to go. The Fulton Ferry location boasts sweeping views of Manhattan and it makes an amazing backdrop for photos!

From there we went on a walk along the shoreline, which offered up several locations to capture some pretty amazing photos. The brick buildings along the way offered archways and architecture, my favorite spot was right around the West Elm store.

The shoreline with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background was iconic and another favorite spot we visited. Johnny captured all the angles and took multiple shots in each location so we had choices on poses. I do love that he mostly captured candid moments, that is the style of photo we really like to capture ourselves.

We ended at my requested location. I had done some research online and absolutely loved this cobblestone street with the bridge in the background and had my heart set on it. But as someone who was not familiar with the area I had no idea it was filled with tourists. He was honest with me and said I don’t think you will be happy with all your photos being there and I am so glad he said that. When we arrived it was packed with people, and impossible to capture the moment without a ton of tourists snapping selfies in the background. I am so happy it was our last location (even though I do love the photos we did get in that spot)

Five days after our shoot we received a link from Flytographer to download our photos. We were so happy with how they turned out! Johnny captured our family in the most candid way and the backdrops were STUNNING. What an amazing way to preserve our memories from our unforgettable trip.

This blog post was written in partnership with Flytographer. Opinions expressed are my own based on our personal experience with our photographer and using the website.