Best Places to take photos in Vancouver BC

As a photographer I am always looking for cool locations and walls to capture in my photos. For years I have been seeking out the best Instagrammable walls in different cities because I love them so much for photo backgrounds! Vancouver is home to so many great Instagrammable walls and other great locations to capture pics too! Now that we live so close to Vancouver we’ll be headed down to the lower mainland often. I plan on taking lots of photos during our travels so I thought I’d write a blog post to share the locations with you too.

The Vancouver Mural Festival takes place annually and it brings together the talents of so many artists in the city. Their website is a great resource to help you find locations of the murals that have been created over the years for the big event.

My favourite location for photos in Vancouver is Alley Oop located on West Hastings St between Granville St and Seymour St. This Pink Alley has so many fun options for your next photoshoot! From hopscotches to a basketball hoop, the fun pink, purple and yellow colours bring this alley alive. They’ve even painted the dumpsters to match! This location has been around for years and was brought to life by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) as well as HCMA Architecture + Design.

We first visited in 2016 to snap pics and had to come back to capture more on this trip. Because this place is such a popular spot for photos, the alley is normally quite busy with photographers and people. We lucked out and ended up being the only ones there by visiting at 9 am on a Sunday!

Bird Wall Vancouver

We stumbled across this adorable Bird Wall while driving around trying to find parking for the shops. The colours are absolutely stunning for photos and would make an amazing backdrop in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. The Bird Wall can be found on the corner of West Broadway and Yukon St from artist [email protected]. Across the street you’ll find a great black and white tree wall too!

This rainbow coloured building is home to Jukebox Print  is located at 165 West 4th ave in Vancouver. With so many great colours, you can capture some fun and vibrant photos! Play with the different angles of the building as well to change up the look of your pics. They also have a bench out front if you want to capture photos sitting as well.

This neighbourhood is filled with so many instagrammable walls. Spend some time driving around the area to discover other great locations for photos. I can’t wait to get back there to do some more exploring!

Turn the corner and head down the alley behind Jukebox Print  and you’ll find 3 more great locations to snap some photos. Everytime we visit this neighbourhood we find more and more fun walls to take photos at! The LOVE wall was our favourite.

Electric Bicycle Brewing Co

Electric Bicycle Brewing Co is in the same Mount Pleasant area and located at 20 E 4th ave. This building is brightly painted in rainbow colours making it a fun stop to come snap some photos.

Pro Tip – Head out early in the morning before they open to avoid the patrons, it’s much easier to take a photo without everyone watching you!

Instagrammable Walls Vancouver

Cosmic Breeze by Olivia Di Liberto was part of the 2019 Vancouver Mural Festival. Located at 31 W 3rd Ave and also in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, you’ll spot this wall from a mile away with it’s bright colours! Inspired by the 1960s + 1970s counter-culture movement, the wall is filled with different spots to snap your Instagram photos. We loved the colours and designs for photos!

Best Places to Take Photos in Vancouver

The Digital Orca is located in Coal Harbour at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Artist Douglas Coupland created this amazing piece of art in 2009 right on the waterfront which makes a great backdrop for your photos. Plan to spend some time exploring the area when you go, there’s plenty to see and do in and around the convention centre!

Instagrammable Walls Vancouver

Kitsilano is home to these giant bird wings located at the corner of Burrard Street and West 4th Avenue. Artists Sandy and Steve Pell created the now famous Kits Wings inspired by the bald eagles living near Kits Beach. This instagrammable wall is 40 ft tall with a pathway leading up to them for easy access. Be prepared to wait when you go, this is one popular spot to snap photos in Vancouver.

Instagrammable Walls Vancouver

Zebra Club is a local boutique that is home of the newest Instagrammable walls in Vancouver. Krystal Paraboo is the artist behind this mural that was curated for the 2020 Vancouver Mural Festival. Find it at 3101 Granville Street, you can’t miss it!

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