I will be honest and say I’ve never been one who has been big on skin care. I wash my face daily but have never gotten into applying all the lotions and potions to make myself more youthful. In the past couple of years I’ve noticed a change in my skin and decided I should be more diligent in taking care of myself.

I was invited by Bliss to check out a couple of their spa treatments and I immediately jumped at the opportunity! With summer coming it was time to kick it into high gear and take care of myself. I tried out 2 procedures on my skin and have been very happy with the post treatment results.

Sublative Laser Skin Resurfacing

The Sublative procedure is a rejuvenation treatment that uses radio frequency energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen and healthy skin cells. It maximizes collagen production which results in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial skin dislocations. It also improves the texture of your skin as it becomes smoother and more elastic.

This procedure did require me to take some downtime. After the initial treatment I did experience pain with redness and heat. They provided me with a cold pack to cool it down and I also took Advil for the discomfort. By day two my skin had changed from redness to markings on my skin in the areas that were targeted. Day 3 remained pretty much the same, day 4 is when it gradually started to clear up. I am not one to wear foundation but it is an option if you are limited on the amount of down time you have. By day 5 I had little markings left and noticed a difference right away in the texture of my skin. They recommend that you do not exfoliate the skin during the recovery time. After the healing time was up I noticed reduced red scarring marks that I previously had, the sun spot I loathe wasn’t as noticeable and my skin was no longer dried out from our harsh winter. Overall it rejuvenated my skin and restored the youthful look I was hoping for.

To achieve maximum results they recommend having 3-5 treatments every 4-6 weeks. The results will continue to improve up to one year post treatment due to increased production of new healthy skin cells and collagen.

Sea Creation Treatment



This luxurious Sea Creation facial takes you on an expedition of the deep sea and is unlike any facial I have ever experienced before! In each phase of the treatment, you feel the innovative, highly effective ingredients from the depths of the ocean begin to saturate your skin step by step, magically creating perfect radiance with a youthful glow. Babor has researched the depths of the ocean for this procedure making it quite the experience for your skin.

The application varies in each stage and it starts with the highly concentrated serum that is applied with a tiger conch (pictured above). This is followed by the application of their exclusive cream that was massaged into my skin with heated obsidian stones and cool coral stones.

This was one of the most relaxing treatments I have ever received. The experience was 2 hours of absolute Bliss (no pun intended) and even included massages. My skin has been soft and radiant since the treatment and is now ready for summer. I have very fussy combination skin that is prone to redness. In the past I have had issues with changing products I use as it causes so much irritation. Both of these treatments were great for my skin and caused me no issues whatsoever. I was very happy with the results of both treatments and would highly recommend to others.

This post was made in partnership with Bliss Yoga Spa. The views expressed are my own #partner