I love a good home makeover, I could spend hours watching those types of shows on tv.  It’s always so much fun making changes in our home to update the style and look, all of those design shows keep me up to date on the latest trends!  My latest project has been a full Master Bedroom makeover, which is something I have been wanting to do since we moved into our current home. Our bedroom furniture just never suited the style of our new home when we brought it over in the move. It was dark wood and with less windows in this bedroom it always felt so dark. We wanted to lighten and brighten the space for the makeover and also get a new mattress so we were excited for the opportunity to partner with The Brick to makeover our space!


Denny and I each had an idea of how we wanted our room to look, my vision was to lighten up the room and find something rustic and he wanted something more modern. We headed to The Brick to do a little shopping and couldn’t believe how many different designs there were to choose from! The brand new West Edmonton Mall location is bright and spacious offering lots of options to choose from in store. We spent the time to look at all the styles and really decide what we wanted our bedroom design to look like. We found the perfect bedroom set and accessories in their showroom that checked off all the boxes for us!

Our vision came together with the delivery of our furniture, it was amazing to see the difference when we started setting up the room! We chose the Forge bedroom set which is exclusive to The Brick. It is available as a bedroom package or you can also order the pieces individually. We both loved the rustic depth and industrial attitude from this very untraditional design and the faux concrete added to modern look of the room. We ordered the pieces individually as we decided to go with a fabric headboard to bring in some different design elements to the room. The Asha headboard was exactly what I had in mind for our room and I was excited to see it was available in King size. We accessorized our bedroom with the Arlo bench at the end of the bed to finish off the look of the room.

Our Master Bedroom is a nice large space so we ordered two different dressers for the room to maximize on storage. The Forge Dresser fits nicely along the long wall in our room and offers 6 large drawers to fit everything in!

The Forge Chest fit perfectly on the wall beside it for extra storage and comes with 5 drawers that are deep for fitting everything in. The top drawer is lined with velvet for your jewelry or delicates as well! We both absolutely LOVE the rustic details of this set including the faux concrete finish on the top surface and the extra industrial details with the faux-metal band wrapped around the bottom.

The finish colour of the wood is a rustic brown but depending on the lighting it also picks up grey and orange tones to it. It looks amazing with our grey walls and hardwood floor in our bedroom. I absolutely love how the furniture we chose lightened up the room!

I love the mid century modern look of the Arlo Bench that we ordered for the end of our bed. The natural wood base, angled legs and button-tufted fabric seat make it perfectly retro for our modern/rustic look we were going for. It comes in two different grey tone options, we went with the natural wood colour for our room that has the darker grey cushion with it. I love the look of this bench so much, I’m just hoping we can keep it clutter free! The bench at the end of our bed is usually where the extra socks and things end up!

To finish off the room we ordered 2 nightstands. Denny and I both like to have a place to put water, books and remotes on each side of the bed. The Forge Nightstand offers 2 extra deep drawers for storage. We also love the oversized feel so it doesn’t feel crowded once you add a lamp, clock and books to the top of it.

I have wanted a fabric headboard for years but they aren’t easy to find in a more simplistic design! I also didn’t want a headboard that was overly big so it took up a large space on the back wall as I have plans to add a feature wall down the road. The Asha Headboard is the exact look I have been searching for, with a linen looking fabric in a grey tone that goes with pretty much anything.  I love the look of mixing design styles, this contemporary style headboard goes well with our modern/rustic furniture choice!

Mattress + Accessories

Did you know the average lifespan of a mattress is 8 years? I had no idea! Since we purchased our last mattress when our daughter was born, it is definitely time for an upgrade so we also ordered a new mattress as part of our Master Bedroom makeover. We spent our time with Sean, the mattress specialist trying out the different types of beds available. Foam, Pillow Top? We really had no idea what we wanted! He walked us through the store to test out the beds and see what we liked best! It was important for us to be able to try the mattresses out, having the option to lay on the beds definitely helped us with our decision.

In the end we narrowed it down to two very different styles, and ended up choosing the Sterns & Foster Founders Collection Commonwealth Pillowtop Twin XL Mattresses. The mattress we chose came in 4 different options for softness and being able to lay on them and try them out certainly made it easier for us to make our choice. We opted for the second softest in the lineup. This collection offers gel memory foam to gently conform to your body’s sore spots while providing relief from overheating during your sleep.

We paired it with the Serta iComfort Motion Perfect Adjustable Base to get the best sleep possible. The adjustable base offers head and foot massagers to release the day’s tensions before you get some shut-eye. You can pick your favourite lounging position using the wireless remote, and then program that position so it will adjust to your liking every time you use it. It also has USB charging outlets built right in!

The reason we chose Twin XL mattresses and an adjustable base is because of Denny’s snoring. He often wakes me up at night with how loud it can be! This allows him to adjust his mattress to be more upright while he sleeps cutting down on his snoring. It actually has a snore button built right in! I can tell you it has made all the difference for us, I haven’t heard him snoring since!

The Brick also sells accessories like pillows and mattress protectors making it a one stop shop. We ordered the Bedgear Ver-Tex 6.1 Performance mattress protector. It features an invisible and waterproof barrier on the back to protect your mattress so you can be rest assured that your bed is safe from sweat, dust and other mattress destroyers. It also features the Bedgear unique Ver-Tex cool touch fabric that disperses heat from both you and the mattress so you can keep cool while you sleep.

For years I have been searching for an amazing pillow and I FINALLY found one that works for me! The Brick also has Bedgear Storm Series pillows which feature refreshing, cool-touch fabric and patented Air-X® air flow technology that will help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. This line of pillows offers four different comfort levels, including pillow supports for a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and multi-position sleeper.

Denny and I both ordered the Storm Series pillows for back sleepers, On one side is a solid layer for firm head and neck support, on the other side is a blend of shredded material to offer a softer, more conforming feel to fall asleep on.

Our entire shopping experience with The Brick was fantastic. Sean Freeman was beyond helpful with our mattress and accessories selection. He spent a lot of time with us explaining the different brands and features of the mattresses sold in store and was so knowledgeable with everything. We honestly had no idea how many options were out there for mattresses these days! Every level of customer service for us was amazing, from the in store shopping experience to the delivery of the product.

We are so happy with the way our bedroom makeover turned out, let me know in the comments below what you think of the transformation!

This blog post is written in partnership with The Brick. Views expressed are my own based on our personal experiences shopping in the store and having the furniture in our home. We have been very happy with the customer service provided to us throughout the process of choosing our furniture to home delivery. I would recommend The Brick to others for your next furniture or mattress purchase!