It’s been a year now since Bandit joined our family. I remember scrolling through the classifieds one day and stopped as soon as I spotted him. I had never heard of an Eskipoo before, I had to google to find out what it was. Turns out he was a mix of American Eskimo and Poodle. We had an American Eskimo for 11 years named Mika so we were excited to find out he was a mix of our favorite breed.

We messaged right away, only to find out he was a long ways away in Swift Current Saskatchewan. Well the good news was the breeder had a family member in Devon and they would bring the pup for us closer to Edmonton! We were thrilled when we picked him up; now what to name this little guy. I wanted Oliver so we could call him Ollie but the kids said no way. He looks like a Bandit mom; he needs to be called Bandit.

He has been such an amazing edition to our family, I can’t even picture our lives without him. He loves to walk to school and pick up the kids; he doesn’t even mind all the little people that run over to pet him. He loves runs in the park, chewing on bones and most of all he loves to snuggle, which is what I love the most!

Thanks to Ford Canada, we were able to treat Bandit to a PAWSitive experience to let him know how much we appreciate him. Off to the spa we went in the all new Ford Escape! Bandit spent the afternoon at Oh My Dog Spa being pampered with a jacuzzi and massage.

The Ford Escape is the perfect size for our family of 4 + our pup. We spend a lot of time shuttling our kids to the hockey rink and dance, with stops to Costco for groceries in between. The Ford Escape SYNC 3 technology has voice recognition which is great for the GPS system making it easier to find all those arenas around town. I can also easily reply to a text just by speaking to the vehicle.

It also offers park assist for those parallel parking situations that most of us have challenges with. This might be my favorite feature overall! I also love the heated steering wheel and seats as I am always so cold!

We had the opportunity to review the all new Ford Escape through partnership. Reviews are based on our own experience.Thank you to Ford Canada for the PAWSitive experience for our furry little friend, he thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled! #ford_partner