We stopped by London Drugs to stock up on travel essentials for our trip to Palm Springs this month. I love the variety of items they carry, from snacks to travel sized toiletries, we can pick up everything we need in just one stop!

One of my favourite things to do is travel. I love the excitement leading up to a trip, the opportunity to explore as a family and to create everlasting memories together. Over the years of travelling I have learned how to pack smarter, what essentials to bring, how to dress comfortably for a flight and some other great tips and tricks I want to share with all of you.

Have your travel documents ready – a couple months before we travel I double check the dates on all of our passports. This allows me enough time to renew if needed before our trip. London Drugs is a great place to get your passport photos! Their photo experts make the process quick and easy and the up to date software automatically checks the picture against passport office guidelines to streamline your process.

Don’t forget the snacks – we stocked up on some of our favourite snacks at London Drugs. We always like to be prepared for everything including flight delays and hungry kids on the plane. They also carry some of my favourite healthy options like Kind Bars and Smart Sweets. I always make sure I have gum for our 10 year old to chew for his ears and lollipops for our 7 year old to suck on who gets motion sickness. We also bring reusable water bottles for the kids to fill once we get through security.

In flight entertainment – we try to keep the kids busy on the plane so the flight goes by faster. I pick up activity books and little toys to keep them entertained during the flight. The kids love surprises so some of their favourites to open are LOL dolls and Lost Kitties. We also bring books and iPads loaded with some favourite games and shows to pass the time.

Travel light – we love having the option of travel sized products when flying, it cuts down on space and weight in our luggage (which allows me more room to bring home all the new clothes I like buy on holidays). hLondon Drugs is our go to for all of our travel sized essentials! Some of my must haves include nail polish and nail polish remover wipes for when I need to touch up my nails on the go. Dry shampoo is great for those days when your hair needs a quick freshen up, and shave gel and razors for pool days. I’m trying out this new OGX shampoo and conditioner this trip, I loved the coconut smell!

Protect yourself from the sun – a couple of years back I suffered from the most painful sunburn ever. Now I always apply sunscreen to myself and the kids whenever we are planning time outside in the sun. My daughter and I have very fair skin which burns easily so we take all the precautions to prevent it. I always put the sunscreen in its own travel bag in case they leak on the plane (learned my lesson the hard way one trip). Don’t forget those sunglasses, another must have for our family!

This blog post was written in partnership with London Drugs. The views expressed are my own based on my personal shopping experience in the store.