This month marks my 2 year anniversary of blogging at The Chatty Girl! I’ve always had so much to share so it was a natural transition for me into the blogging world, it’s been having a lot of fun sharing with you! I’ve categorized myself as a Lifestyle Blogger which allows me to share all aspects I love including fashion, travel, recipes, family and more.

Blogging is a full time job for many, it’s not a new industry but still very misunderstood. Marketing has taken a turn over the last few years to stray away from traditional efforts like billboards, bus benches and tv ads towards working with content creators or influencers. What does this mean? A brand partners with a person in this industry like myself to work on advertising their product, service or event. As a content creator I come up with marketing ideas, photograph, edit and create content that I share on my channels on behalf of the business. I am at a level that I can choose what brand or company I want to partner with, so when you see these blog posts and social media content please know that I’m sharing because it’s because it’s something I truly believe in or love. Authenticity and integrity are very important to me in all aspects of life including my work!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog over the past couple of years, I truly appreciate it! What you may not know is that my blog is an extension of my business. Not all things I post are business related but when you take the time to read those blog posts it helps with my growth online. Through this I’ve had the opportunity to work on many brand partnerships over the last year, and every one I do is a stepping stone to the next! My family is very involved in the content that I write, we love being able to work on projects together! I also wouldn’t be where I am today without the help from my husband Denny and best friend Colin. They are the ones snapping the photos and helping me with my projects behind the scenes. I have to admit it’s a pretty fun job to have, I’m very thankful for the opportunities that have come to me but also know this comes with a lot of hard work that I put in. A typical blog post takes me approximately 6 hours from start to finish! Between receiving product, shooting photos, editing photos, writing content for the blog and social media, it’s a huge time investment!

I like to share behind the scenes details, I know it makes me appreciate content more when I know how much goes into it. I love every aspect of blogging, from photography to writing, it’s fun to watch a project all come together!

Last year I set some goals and I’m proud to say I achieved them all! I wanted to work on more travel content, and over the last year we’ve had some really great opportunities to share our travel experiences with you! If you ask my kiddos what their favourite projects are we work on they’ll tell you staying in hotels. They literally get so excited when we get to work on anything travel related! I love that we can share these work experiences together. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, looking forward to another year of blogging at The Chatty Girl!