In 2017 I made myself find time to read books again. Over the years I spent so little time reading an actual book so I wanted to get back into it. Not only is it a great way to wind down and relax, it’s also amazing what you can learn from a good book!

Each and every one I read I would recommend to others. Some were for personal growth and some were for business. I like a variety of books that I can learn something from!

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero  I loved this read. It will help you to stop doubting your greatness so that you can live an awesome life! Her style of writing keeps me interested and I felt many situations in the book were relatable to my own life. Stop wasting time and start creating a life you love.

Contagious – Jonah Berger Ever wonder why some things catch on and some don’t? People these days listen to their peers and value their opinions over advertisements. It dabbles in social influence, shares ideas and more. I loved how it related to marketing and gave me new ideas on how to market in 2018.

Invisible Influence – Jonah Berger I enjoyed Contagious so much I had to pick this one up too! All about Social Influence and how companies market this way. Why people are more likely to purchase because of social influence and more. It was a great last read of 2017!

The Happiness Equation – Neil Pasricha I picked this one up for personal growth. Ever wondered what the formula was for a happy life? This book shares 9 secrets to happiness, all of which are common sense but maybe you don’t think about. This book provides practical and specific guidelines for how to apply this new outlook to lead a fulfilling life.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson I have read so many people recommend this book I had to pick it up. It was my favourite book I read this year. It was a great read for personal growth, and understanding not to take things so personally. It talks about living your life to it’s fullest and doing what YOU want to do. I cannot recommend this one enough to you all, it is a MUST READ.

You are a badass at making money – Jen Sincero A follow up to her first book, this one dabbles more in mastering the mindset of wealth. If you are an entrepreneur it is a must read. I learned so much from this one little book! Get rid of your doubts and fears, always believe money is coming to you, change your mindset and it will change your life!

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster – Darren Hardy This book is a must read for any entrepreneur. Take the leap, start the business, don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes, help it grow your business, don’t quit, and work hard. It is great if you are thinking about taking the leap or you already have. I could relate to so many aspects of this book!

Epic Content Marketing – Joe Pulizzi For a job like mine, I am always creating content for marketing. This was a great read for anyone who wants to stand out from a crowd when it comes to marketing.

Hug Your Haters – Jay Baer In the line of work I am in I read complaints on a daily basis. Some are necessary for a business to learn and grow and some are just plain ridiculous! Ignoring them is not the answer, this book will help you figure out how to deal with keyboard warriors (those who hide behind a computer and voice their opinions online). At the end of the day, don’t take it personally!

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk Hands down my favourite person to follow on social media. He tells it like it is, stop blaming others for your problems, stop holding yourself back, stop complaining and start doing! It offers social media marketing strategies and tips, and that the key to social media success is engagement. A must read for anyone who has a business online.