Since Bandit was a pup he has always been one of the fussiest eaters! We have tried all sorts of dog food for him. He has always just turned up his nose to everything, until we discovered Freshpet.


Freshpet is a fresh take on pet food. They use fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked without preservatives, that are kept refrigerated where meats belong. They offer a great selection of food for your dog including rolled and bagged options as well as treats!

Vital Grain Free Chicken, Beef and Salmon Dog Food Bag is filled with great ingredients including spinach and cranberries to give Bandit the nutritional balance he needs. He loves anything with chicken in it so this is a great variety to some extra protein as well! We love that it comes in a resealable bag that makes feeding and storing in our fridge easy.

The Turkey Bacon treats were a huge hit with Bandit! He loved the flavour and we loved that they use real meat with no bi-products or artificial flavours. They are also 100% natural so we don’t have to feel guilty about sneaking him an extra treat now!

The Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken dog food comes in an easy to cut roll that we portion out for Bandit. It’s filled with healthy ingredients including chicken, brown rice, peas and carrots giving our dog optimal nutrition for healthy digestion and a shiny coat. We cut the roll up and keep it in a bag for quick and easy meals for our pup. Bandit loves how tasty it is and gobbles it up at mealtime!


We love that we can pick up Freshpet while grocery shopping or while shopping at our local pet store. For a full list of retailers click here


This blog post was sponsored by Freshpet. We were provided samples to review and our pup Bandit loved all of them!