Light the Midway

Fort Edmonton Park offers an experience like no other, with a glimpse into Edmonton history throughout the grounds. Our family has enjoyed many visits to the park over the years, I love the Capital theatre experience and the kids loved touring the houses to see how people used to live. Of course the midway was a highlight too! The park has been closed in 2020 to undergo extensive renovations, we look forward to the reopening in 2021.

Exciting changes are coming to the park next year including an expanded historical midway, new Indigenous People’s Experience, a brand new front entry plaza and guest services plus future updates to Hotel Selkirk!

Fort Edmonton Park will become a world class, internationally recognized tourist attraction that tells the story of Edmonton’s past, and preserves historical integrity. It will be a wonderful place to visit with family and friends for generations to come!

Light the Midway is a newly launched fundraising campaign from the Fort Edmonton Foundation. You can purchase a bulb(s) for $50 or gather friends and family to start a fundraising campaign for the midway! Your donation will help them illuminate the 1920’s style Midway set to open in 2021. There are thousands of lights that need to be lit including on rides and games and the fundraising goal is 1 million dollars. By supporting the Fort Edmonton Foundation you could become a piece of history when they reopen the park in 2021!

Light the Midway
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This blog post contains sponsored content in partnership with Fort Edmonton Park and the Fort Edmonton Foundation. Views expressed are my own.