Moving to Kelowna

In a WHIRLWIND of events this month we SOLD our house! Our family is excited to start a new chapter of our lives with a move to Kelowna BC.

Our story is definitely different than your typical house sale. While sitting in Kelowna on vacation this summer we started talking about living there. It would be great to be closer to grandparents, and we love the lifestyle with the lake and the mountains close by! I spotted an ISO on a local swap page from a buyer looking to purchase a house that met our description. I sent her a direct message to let her know we were thinking about relocating and in a matter of days we signed the papers to sell our home!

I truly believe everything happens for a reason, we were only contemplating selling when I spotted her post. Social media plays a funny role in this, the buyer had seen snippets of my home in the past on my Instagram page and loved the style of it. We were able to handle the transaction For Sale by Owner because of the way things happened. It was meant to be!

This has all happened so fast the reality really hasn’t set in for us yet! We are thankful for the quick and easy sale of our home and we hope the new owners love it as much as we have over the years.

Some of you reading this might think we are crazy! Pick up and move to another province? In the middle of a pandemic? Well it’s definitely crazy, but the stars aligned for us in big ways so here we are now.

This wasn’t a difficult decision for us, and there are lots of great things about moving. We will be closer to family to help us with the kids, both of our jobs can be done remotely so we can work from anywhere, and we will be able to enjoy the lifestyle we’ve always dreamed of.

When we asked the kids they were 100% on board with this decision. There wasn’t even an ounce of hesitation which made the decision a lot easier for us. They are excited to go to a new school, meet new friends and live close to the lake.

This isn’t a goodbye Edmonton, we aren’t done with you just yet. Both Denny and I will be travelling back for work commitments so we will still get to see our friends, eat at our favourite restaurants and of course do some shopping!  Thank you to everyone who has made our time in Edmonton great, we truly appreciate all of you and can’t wait to share more of our story as it unfolds.

Now we need to get packing as our big move is just 3 weeks away!

Moving to Kelowna
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