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Have I ever told you how much I love Christmas? It’s my favourite time of the year! I count down the days until we can put up the Christmas tree and start decorating for the holidays. We own so many Christmas decorations I have no more room to store them! I like to put them out as early as possible so we can enjoy them for a couple of months. I love all the whimsical things, the trees, the snowmen, the Santa’s but most of all the buffalo plaid!

This year is definitely going to be different, but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with some of our favourite Christmas traditions! Gatherings might not be allowed this year but it doesn’t mean Christmas is cancelled altogether. There are lots of ways we still plan to celebrate even if we can’t be with all of our family in 2020.

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Over the years our family has made some of our own traditions with the kids. I wanted to share some of our Christmas Traditions with you! Some of the special moments we enjoy with our kids include:

  1. Matching Family Pajamas – Every year we have been dressing our children in matching pajamas for the holidays. Years ago before it was trendy like it is today, Denny and I wanted to match the kids so we started wearing them too! Back then they weren’t easy to find like they are today! We have been ordering our Christmas pajamas from Little Blue House for years, we just love the quality and how long they last.
  2. Decorating the Tree – We love to decorate the tree together as a family. We turn up the Christmas tunes and fill the tree with ornaments we’ve collected over the years. I love remembering back to special moments that the different ornaments remind me of.
  3. Christmas Treats – Every year we make our favourite holiday treats to share with friends and family. Some of our favourites include Dill Snacks and Christmas Crack. Click the links for our recipes on the blog!
  4. Christmas Lights – We load up the kids in the car every year to take in all the Christmas lights! We love how festive some of the homes get including Candy Cane Lane in Edmonton. It’s always puts me in the holiday spirit to see all the beautifully decorated houses out there.
  5. Christmas Breakfast – Our family always has cinnamon buns for breakfast on Christmas day. We like to let the kids open their stockings, then we break for breakfast before opening presents. It gives us a moment to wake up on those very early mornings with littles and enjoy a cup of coffee with breakfast before the madness begins!

What are some of your favourite family traditions? Let me know in the comment section below!

Little Blue House

I love that matching family pajamas have always been a family tradition for our family. Here are some of our favourites from Little Blue House over the years! Looking back at these brings me so many wonderful memories of our time together with our kids.

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This blog post was written in partnership with Little Blue House. We partnered with the brand to share our favourite family Christmas traditions.